Quick prototyping

The service of single models quick manufacturing to conduct tests, as well as visual and functional assessment.

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Solutions for the industries

The ready solutions of 3D print offered by Technology Applied partnership in particular industries.


Short series

Small-volume and short-run production of parts, models and devices with the use of 3D printing.

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3D Modelling

The service of 3D model of a part of a products creating based on the technical drawing, brief or description. The produced models are adjusted to the 3D print technology selected by the Customer.

Our partners:

Our partners:

Materials & technologies

SLS – Selective Laser Sintering is the 3D printing technology being the greatest of all available solutions, incremental production capacity.

The SLS method enables to print a few 3D parts, models or ready products simultaneously.

Lack of necessity to use the supports make that the printed models do not require later processing and can be used as the final product after 3D printing.

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FDM – Fused Deposition Modelling is one of the most popular and more recognizable technologies of 3D printing.

It owes its popularity mainly to the possibility of observing the object creating process on the device working platform.

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Polyjet Technology depends on hardening of the photosensitive photopolymer with the UV beam. In Polyjet technology, the liquid photopolymer injected on the model through the nozzle and then hardened with the UV light.

This way enables us to use multiple materials simultaneously and mix materials of the same properties.

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Technology Material Expected realisation time The size of the chamber Thickness of the layer Minimal
Precision Minimal
thickness of the wall
Color Specification
SLS PA12 3-5 days 340x340x600 0,12mm 0,3mm ± 0,3% 0,8mm PDF
FDM ABSplus-P430 3-5 days 254x254x305 0,178mm 0,3mm ± 0,1% 1,0mm PDF
Polyjet VeroPlus 3-5 days 490x390x200 0,016mm/0,033mm 0,2-0,3mm ± 0,1% 0,4mm PDF
Polyjet TangoBlackPlus 3-5 days 490x390x200 0,016mm 0,5mm ± 0,5% 1,0mm PDF
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Printing process

  • Estimating rules

    Technology Applied estimates on the basis of the following variables:

    • Amount of cm3 of printed model.
    • Material usage.
    • Service life.
    • Volume of cube escribed on the printed object.
    • Wearing of supporting materials.

    Each of the variables above has its reference to the specific technology of 3D printing. All estimates are done within 24 hours. To have your models estimated, upload your 3D models in “Estimating” bookmark and fill in the required fields.

  • Payment rules

    Technology Applied accepts the realization of works based on the following payment rules:

    • For the new customers, the order is considered as accepted after settling the prepayment invoice in full value of order.
    • For the customers who have previously made the orders in Technology Applied, the order is considered as accepted after e-mail acceptance of Technology Applied offer. The invoice for the above work is issued on the day of order completion. The due date is 7 days.
    • The order exceeding the value of 10 000,00 PLN are accepted by paying for the proforma invoice of 30% order value. The rest of amount shall be regulated on the basis of invoice within 14 days of payment.
    • In case of orders requiring the pre-payment or deposit, the moment of accepting the order is considered as the moment of receiving money on the account.
  • Shipping

    Shipping of realized works is completed in the next day tariff by courier on the day of finalizing the order at the address given by the customer on the order.

    Day of realizing the order is considered as the day of shipping, not its delivery.

    Cost of courier shipping is 30,00 PLN.

About us

TECHNOLOGY APPLIED sp. z o. o. is the manufacturing company providing complex service within the scope of additive manufacturing of parts and devices. The knowledge of industry and technology enable successfully to conduct projects at every level. From the idea, through 3D project and prototype for small-volume and middle-volume production series. Applying the industrial technology of 3D printing, we are able to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding customers from many industries. Due to application of functional and durable materials, our goods can be used also as the final products. In our work, we stand up on speed, professionalism and good contact with the customer.

We are inviting to cooperation.


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